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The Dugald M Lindsay Charitable Trust

A Registered Charity based in Scotland

This organisation's identifier is GB-SC-SC043501 .
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That the Trustees shall hold the Fund in Trust for such charitable purposes as are recognised under Section 7(2)(g) of the Charities Trustee and Investment ( Scotland) Act 2005, being the advancement of the arts, culture, heritage and science, as the Trustees in their sole discretion may from time to time select, and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing for the following purposes: To use and apply the income of the Fund for the advancement of the Arts in Scotland and for that purpose by any or all of the following means:- (Primo) to provide scholarships or bursaries for young people to continue their studies in the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture or other visual arts in circum stances where but for the trust funding they would be unable to do so. (Secunda) to provide musical instruments for music students who would not be able to obtain instruments of quality required for the advancement of their studies without assistance from the trust. and (Tertio) to further the arts in Glasgow, Edinburgh and South West Scotland in any other way which may seem appropriate to the Trustees.

OSCR Charity number




G1 3PE

Latest income

£238 (on )

This organisation record is based on data from Office of Scottish Charity Regulator Charity Register Download published by Office of Scottish Charity Regulator.

The Dugald M Lindsay Charitable Trust



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Depending on the data source, location may describe the headquarters of the organisation rather than the area it operates in.

Registered Office in the UK

The Dugald M Lindsay Charitable Trust


Themes and activities

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This organisation has been classified using different categories:

Activities (OSCR)

  • It makes grants, donations, loans, gifts or pensions to individuals

Beneficiaries (OSCR)

  • Children or young people
  • Other defined groups

Purposes (OSCR)

  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science

International Classification of Non-profit and Third Sector Organizations (ICNP/TSO)

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  • Grant-making foundations H10

UK Charity Activity Tags

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  • Arts AR
  • Arts AR » Visual arts AR104
  • Arts AR » Performing art AR300 » Music AR303
  • Beneficiary group BE » Young people BE115
  • Charity and VCS support CV
  • Education ED » Student support ED105
  • Heritage HR
  • Research RS » Science RS103

The Dugald M Lindsay Charitable Trust


Charity financial history

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Year ending Income (£) Spending (£)
2012-10-18 Registered as a charity
2017-03-31 0
2018-03-31 0
2019-03-31 0
2020-03-31 0
2021-03-31 0
2022-03-31 183,702 300
2023-03-31 238 7,368
Income and Spending
Funds and Reserves

Data on funds and reserves are only available for financial years where the charity's income was more than £500,000.

The Dugald M Lindsay Charitable Trust


Data sources

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Office of Scottish Charity Regulator

Office of Scottish Charity Regulator Charity Register Download

Last fetched from source: 2024-06-13

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