The site is a tool for finding charities by name. It brings together data from a number of sources to include a record for every charity.

The site was initially put together by David Kane. Huge thanks to other contributors, particularly Bob Harper who implemented the Northern Ireland charity data.

The data is used directly from regulatory sources. Any corrections needed to the data should be directed to the regulators themselves, using the links below.

Using the data

As well as a search engine, you can also as an OpenRefine reconciliation service. Access this using /reconcile endpoint.

You can access data about any charity in json format by adding .json to the end of the URL.

Find a random charity record. Or add ?active=true to the end to restrict the random search to only active charities. This powers the @CharityRandom twitter feed.

Data sources

Uses data from the following sources:

The detection of duplicate charities is based on a list maintained on github. Any additional records can be submitted as comments to the github page.

A list of additional names for Northern Irish charities is also maintained on Github.

Other acknowledgements


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