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The 28:19 Fund

An inactive Registered Charity based in the UK . Removed on 14 April 2014.

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The 28:19 Fund


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The advancement of the Christian religion 4.1 to promote the Christian religion, principally in the city of Dundee but also throughout Scotland and elsewhere in the UK and the world 4.2 to encourage, promote, provide support (including financial), to (a) Christian ministries, (b) the teaching of the Bible and Christian evangelism and (c) training and education in, and the development of, Christian faith 4.3 The relief of spiritual or physical poverty within a Christian context

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13 December 2011


14 April 2014

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The 28:19 Fund


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Office of Scottish Charity Regulator

Office of Scottish Charity Regulator Charity Register Download

Last fetched from source: 2021-05-06

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