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12/5 Members Club

An inactive Working Men's Club based in the UK . Removed on 27 November 1995.

Inactive Mutual

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Find that Charity displays records of not for profit organisations that use other legal forms, as well as registered charities.

According to information from the available data sources, this organisation is not registered as a charity.

This organisation's identifier is GB-MPR-740W .
What is an organisation identifier?

An organisation identifier is a unique piece of text that definitively identifies an organisation.

Examples include charity numbers and company numbers.

Identifiers are usually assigned by an external body like a regulator.

Findthatcharity uses the Org ID scheme to create identifiers.

GB-MPR gives the scheme for this identifier (Mutuals Public Register), while 740W is the identifier for this organisation within the scheme.


Registered under Friendly Societies Act 1974



This organisation record is based on data from Mutuals Public Register published by Financial Conduct Authority.

12/5 Members Club


Data sources

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Financial Conduct Authority

Mutuals Public Register

The Mutuals Public Register is a public record of mutual societies registered by the Financial Conduct Authority. It has information for societies currently registered, and those no longer registered. The types of mutual societies include: Registered societies, including: Co-operative societies; and Community benefit societies, Credit unions, Building societies, Friendly societies

Last fetched from source: 2023-09-25

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