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Co-Operative Group Limited

A Registered Society based in the UK

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Find that Charity displays records of not for profit organisations that use other legal forms, as well as registered charities.

According to information from the available data sources, this organisation is not registered as a charity.

This organisation's identifier is GB-COH-IP00525R .
What is an organisation identifier?

An organisation identifier is a unique piece of text that definitively identifies an organisation.

Examples include charity numbers and company numbers.

Identifiers are usually assigned by an external body like a regulator.

Findthatcharity uses the Org ID scheme to create identifiers.

GB-COH gives the scheme for this identifier (Companies House), while IP00525R is the identifier for this organisation within the scheme.

Company number



This organisation record is based on data from Free Company Data Product published by Companies House.

Co-Operative Group Limited


Grants made

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Published data showsthis funder made 34,028 grants between August 2017 and October 2023.

View this organisation's 360Giving published grants on GrantNav.

2023 3,988 grants £16,745,527
2022 4,442 grants £20,104,125
2021 4,552 grants £18,125,372
2020 4,542 grants £15,009,455
2019 4,483 grants £17,343,093
2018 4,087 grants £19,044,677
2017 7,934 grants £19,884,570

Data source

Some grants data comes from funders who publish data using the 360Giving Data Standard. It was accessed using the 360Giving Datastore.

Co-Operative Group Limited


Data sources

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Last fetched from source: 2024-03-03

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Companies House

Free Company Data Product

The Free Company Data Product is a downloadable data snapshot containing basic company data of live companies on the register. This snapshot is provided as ZIP files containing data in CSV format and is split into multiple files for ease of downloading.

Last fetched from source: 2024-03-02

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