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45 Commando Veterans (Scotland)

A Registered Charity based in Scotland

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This organisation record is based on data from Office of Scottish Charity Regulator Charity Register Download published by Office of Scottish Charity Regulator.

45 Commando Veterans (Scotland)


Organisation details

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The organisation's purposes are: 4.1 To identify former servicemen, their families and dependants who are in need and are not currently receiving the help that they require and are entitled to. To prevent and relieve poverty, financial hardship or distress of former servicemen, their families and dependants through co-coordinating with the appropriate agencies and allied organisations. To offer moral and practical aid and in cases where financial assistance is required, to offer such. 4.2 To provide transport for former servicemen, their families and descendants to attend Remembrance Services and Commemoration events where they would not otherwise be able to do so.

OSCR Charity number



05 September 2016


DD11 4HU

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45 Commando Veterans (Scotland)



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45 Commando Veterans (Scotland)


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Office of Scottish Charity Regulator

Office of Scottish Charity Regulator Charity Register Download

Last fetched from source: 2021-05-06

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