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The Ancaster Trust

A Registered Charity based in England

This organisation's identifier is GB-CHC-270822 .
What is an organisation identifier?

An organisation identifier is a unique piece of text that definitively identifies an organisation.

Examples include charity numbers and company numbers.

Identifiers are usually assigned by an external body like a regulator.

Findthatcharity uses the Org ID scheme to create identifiers.

GB-CHC gives the scheme for this identifier (Charity Commission), while 270822 is the identifier for this organisation within the scheme.


The Funds of the Trust are to be applied for or towards such charitable purposes at suchtime or times and in such manner as the Trustees shall in their absolute discretion think fit.The objectives are fulfilled by the Trustees through consideration of appeals and makinggrants or donations in response thereto.

Also known as

  • The Ancaster Trust

CCEW Charity number





Latest income

£90,465 (on )

This organisation record is based on data from Registered charities in England and Wales published by Charity Commission for England and Wales.

The Ancaster Trust



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Depending on the data source, location may describe the headquarters of the organisation rather than the area it operates in.

Areas of operation in the UK

Registered Office in the UK

The Ancaster Trust


Themes and activities

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This organisation has been classified using different categories:

Theme (CCEW)

  • General Charitable Purposes 101
  • The Advancement Of Health Or Saving Of Lives 103
  • Disability 104
  • Overseas Aid/famine Relief 106
  • Arts/culture/heritage/science 109

Beneficiaries (CCEW)

  • The General Public/mankind 207

Activities (CCEW)

  • Makes Grants To Organisations 302

International Classification of Non-profit and Third Sector Organizations (ICNP/TSO)

ICNP/TSO categories have been automatically assigned from a machine learning model, as part of the UK Charity Classification project.

  • Grant-making foundations H10

The Ancaster Trust


Charity financial history

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Year ending Income (£) Spending (£)
1976-08-16 (Registered as a charity)
2004-04-05 27,913 30,112
2005-04-05 27,331 34,480
2006-04-05 27,692 33,889
2007-04-05 28,639 30,092
2008-04-05 30,619 32,197
2009-04-05 30,412 34,159
2010-04-05 18,485 25,790
2011-04-05 9,984 31,506
2012-04-05 1,330,711 57,964
2013-04-05 46,747 104,845
2014-04-05 85,322 83,388
2015-04-05 95,571 88,393
2016-04-05 77,286 97,459
2017-04-05 733,195 113,934
2018-04-05 91,841 123,594
2019-04-05 92,941 133,040
2020-04-05 92,948 100,829
2021-04-05 90,465 79,188

The Ancaster Trust


Income from government

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According to data returned to the Charity Commission, this charity did not receive income from government grants or contracts in 2021 (the latest year with data available) or 2020.

The Ancaster Trust


Data sources

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Charity Commission for England and Wales

Registered charities in England and Wales

Data download service provided by the Charity Commission

Last fetched from source: 2022-07-03

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