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Chink (Children in Kenya)

A Registered Charity based in England

This organisation's identifier is GB-CHC-1122874 .
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The purpose of CHinK (Children in Kenya) is to provide and run a school in Mtwapa, Mombasa. The aim of CHinK and its school is to educate and care for over 200 very poor and needy children from the age of 3. Many of the children are from destitute families hit particularly hard by the world-wide economic crisis; some are orphaned.

Also known as

  • Chink (Children in Kenya)

CCEW Charity number




NG22 0LT



Latest income

£106,522 (on )

This organisation record is based on data from Registered charities in England and Wales published by Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Chink (Children in Kenya)



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Depending on the data source, location may describe the headquarters of the organisation rather than the area it operates in.

Area of operation in the UK

Area of operation outside the UK

  • Kenya

Registered Office in the UK

Chink (Children in Kenya)


Themes and activities

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This organisation has been classified using different categories:

International Classification of Non-profit and Third Sector Organizations (ICNP/TSO)

ICNP/TSO categories have been automatically assigned from a machine learning model, as part of the UK Charity Classification project.

  • Other individual and family services D19

UK Charity Activity Tags

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  • Beneficiary group BE » Children BE102
  • Beneficiary group BE » Families BE103
  • Beneficiary group BE » Widows; widowers and orphans BE112
  • Education ED » Schools ED106
  • Social welfare SW » Individual poverty SW105

Theme (CCEW)

  • General Charitable Purposes 101
  • Education/training 102
  • The Advancement Of Health Or Saving Of Lives 103
  • The Prevention Or Relief Of Poverty 105
  • Overseas Aid/famine Relief 106

Beneficiaries (CCEW)

  • Children/young People 201
  • People Of A Particular Ethnic Or Racial Origin 204

Activities (CCEW)

  • Provides Buildings/facilities/open Space 305
  • Other Charitable Activities 310

Scale of operation

  • National and Overseas

Chink (Children in Kenya)


Charity financial history

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Year ending Income (£) Spending (£)
2008-02-19 Registered as a charity
2009-03-31 24,039 23,938
2010-03-31 24,448 25,630
2011-03-31 25,120 24,786
2012-03-31 52,783 42,494
2013-03-31 74,552 78,575
2014-03-31 82,332 77,764
2015-03-31 98,195 68,509
2016-03-31 84,996 75,420
2017-03-31 96,274 80,188
2018-03-31 105,250 85,000
2019-03-31 113,627 100,050
2020-03-31 102,003 80,050
2021-03-31 88,387 67,050
2022-03-31 106,522 85,100
Income and Spending
Funds and Reserves

Data on funds and reserves are only available for financial years where the charity's income was more than £500,000.

Chink (Children in Kenya)


Charity people

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Employees paid more than £60,000 - -
Volunteers 12 12
Trustees 5

Data on employees is only available for financial years where the charity's income was more than £500,000.

Chink (Children in Kenya)


Income from government

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Contracts with government
None recorded
Government grants
Income from government grants - 9,670
Government grants as % of total income - 10.9%
Number of government grants - 3

Chink (Children in Kenya)


Data sources

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Charity Commission for England and Wales

Registered charities in England and Wales

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