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101 Percent

An inactive Registered Charity based in the UK . Removed on 03 January 2006.

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GB-CHC gives the scheme for this identifier (Charity Commission), while 1087492 is the identifier for this organisation within the scheme.

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101 Percent


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3.1 to provide or assist with the provision of relief of any persons who are disabled through age, frailty, mental or physical impairment and to assist those persons to overcome the disabilities attendance upon their handicap by the provision of a service calculated :-3.1.1 to assist such disabled person to obtain his or her full rights and privileges as a citizen3.1.2 to provide long term personal friendship and support3.1.3 to provide advice and assistance on a one to one basis to such disabled persons whether living in residential care or residing independently in their own homes or with relatives3.2 in furtherance of these objects the consortium shall endeavour to provide:3.2.1 voluntary advocates to assist people who qualify to maintain and achieve the quality of life they desire by:- providing support on a one to one basis3.2.1.2 assisting them to obtain their rights and privileges as citizens3.2.1.3 offering long term personal friendship and support3.2.2 arrange and provide for meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and training courses

Also known as

  • 101 Percent
  • 101 Percent Advocacy & Appropriate Adult Service

CCEW Charity number



12 July 2001


03 January 2006

101 Percent



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101 Percent


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Charity Commission for England and Wales

Registered charities in England and Wales

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