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Bathford Link

A Registered Charity based in England

This organisation's identifier is GB-CHC-1042822 .
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Assists elderly and handicapped residents of Bathford with transport to medical & other related appointments

Also known as

  • Bathford Link

CCEW Charity number







Latest income

£134 (on )

This organisation record is based on data from Registered charities in England and Wales published by Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Bathford Link



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Depending on the data source, location may describe the headquarters of the organisation rather than the area it operates in.

Area of operation in the UK

Registered Office in the UK

Bathford Link


Themes and activities

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This organisation has been classified using different categories:

International Classification of Non-profit and Third Sector Organizations (ICNP/TSO)

ICNP/TSO categories have been automatically assigned from a machine learning model, as part of the UK Charity Classification project.

  • Transportation and storage activities L50

UK Charity Activity Tags

These tags are taken from a project to classify all UK charities using a common set of tags. The tags are applied using keyword searching, so may be incorrect for particular cases.

Visit charityclassification.org.uk for more information on the project. If you have any feedback on the classification system or how it has been applied there is a form on the project homepage.

  • Beneficiary group BE » Older people BE108
  • Beneficiary group BE » People with disabilities BE200

Theme (CCEW)

  • General Charitable Purposes 101

Beneficiaries (CCEW)

  • Elderly/old People 202
  • People With Disabilities 203
  • Other Defined Groups 206

Activities (CCEW)

  • Provides Human Resources 304
  • Provides Services 306

Scale of operation

  • Local

Bathford Link


Charity financial history

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Year ending Income (£) Spending (£)
1994-12-19 Registered as a charity
2004-09-30 2,318 2,058
2005-09-30 1,986 2,368
2006-09-30 2,274 1,745
2007-09-30 2,841 1,856
2008-09-30 2,520 2,618
2009-09-30 2,679 2,219
2010-09-30 2,508 2,503
2011-09-30 2,535 2,659
2012-09-30 2,293 2,439
2013-09-30 3,940 2,952
2014-09-30 2,424 3,017
2016-03-31 3,940 3,945
2017-03-31 2,597 1,834
2018-03-31 1,247 1,409
2019-03-31 1,589 1,866
2020-03-31 571 835
2021-03-31 86 425
2022-03-31 134 276
Income and Spending
Funds and Reserves

Data on funds and reserves are only available for financial years where the charity's income was more than £500,000.

Bathford Link


Data sources

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Charity Commission for England and Wales

Registered charities in England and Wales

Data download service provided by the Charity Commission

Last fetched from source: 2023-06-06

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