Find that Charity

Add fields to CSV

Add data to a CSV file by looking it up from a column with a charity number or other organisation identifier.

The file should be separated by commas (,) - not semicolons or tabs) and the first row should contain the column names.

See important note on privacy below

Step 1: Select CSV file

Change file [[filename]]

Files with a large number of rows will cause your browser to slow and may not complete successfully.

Step 2: Select organisation identifier field

Change field [[column_to_use]]

Step 3: Select identifier type

Change field [[identifier_type]]

Step 3: Select data to add

Creating file…



Your file will not leave your computer, but the organsiation identifiers from the column you select will be sent to the findthatcharity server in order to retrieve the information. No other data is sent to the server.

It could therefore be possible to reconstruct the organisations contained in your file. You should think carefully before using this tool for any personal or sensitive information.